12 - 18 JULY 2021

We only live once, it's happening right now. This is a whole week's adventure for you who need a break from everyday life, your connected life or simply for you who want to be part of an unforgettable adventure! Do you want to fill the batteries with new wonderful energy? Meet friends for life? Or disconnect from the outside world for a week and instead give feedback to yourself. You decide, but now's the chance.


We go out into the wilderness for 7 days and cook together over an open fire, go canoeing, sit around a campfire and share thoughts, bathe and bathe, meditate, camp and go on a bear safari.


Of course you do not get to know everything, then it will not be an adventure.


  • Accommodation in a cottage and tent 6 nights.

  • Transport from Mora Station to Älvdalen by minibus.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We cook all the food together over an open fire, murrika or storm kitchen. Fruit and snacks are available between meals. Do you eat special diets? Do not worry. We fix!

  • All activities including equipment.

  • Goodiebag.

  • Story circle.

  • Disposable camera with 16 images and development.

  • A memory for life and an unforgettable experience.

  • Access to yoga mats, fishing gear, guitar, hammocks, canoes, rowing boat.

  • Quiet time.

  • A break from the outside world and your connected life.

PRICE: SEK 9990:-


You will be picked up at 13.00 at Mora Station by minibus if you arrive by train or bus. If you drive, we also meet up at 13.00 at Mora Station.

Together we go up to Älvdalen and our accommodation.


We will live in a cozy cottage in Älvdalen which is located in the North part of Dalarna. The cottage is located in the middle of the forest with a lake right next to the cottage. We will sleep in both cabin and tent. At the accommodation there is a privy and a very simple camping shower but mostly you wash in the forest lagoon.


  • In to the wild is a telephone, drug and non-alcoholic adventure trip.

  • This means that you hand in phones, smartwatches, toads and computers to us when you arrive. The same goes for the camera. An emergency phone / number will be found for the next of kin to call if something should happen. We will also have the number of your next of kin in our emergency telephone.

  • You are responsible for insurance as it is not something that No Connection handles.

  • The journey to and from your hometown to Mora Station is not included.

  • Discrimination, violation or bullying is not accepted.

  • But I want pictures from the trip? Do not worry, you get a disposable camera with 16 pictures. We want you to capture the moment as real as possible. This is why you are not allowed to bring your camera.

  • this trip is not adapted for you with reduced mobility.


 We care about you. We have clear safety routines that we go through together. If you have any questions regarding safety routines right now, please contact us:


We leave Älvdalen 18 July around 11.30 and are expected to be at Mora Station 12.45.



Every evening we present tomorrow's activity and schedule. We do not want everything to be decided in advance. Then there will be no adventure. But during the week we will go canoeing, meditating, hiking in the wilderness, sleeping in tents, swimming in an exotic forest lagoon, playing games, throwing arrows and going on bear and elk safaris etc.


Every night we gather either around a campfire or in our cozy tipi tent. The Story circle has two purposes:

1. Unwind.

2. Ventilate emotions and thoughts.

I will ask 1 or 2 questions that you can answer. In the middle is a stick that everyone can reach. The one who is ready to answer takes the stick. The person holding the stick is the one who is allowed to talk. Everyone else in the circle who does not have the stick must not nod, talk or interrupt while the person with the stick is talking. You are not forced to talk, but you have to take the stick and say either no or no I do not want to talk today. When you have finished talking, you put the stick back in the middle and when someone else in the group is ready, that person takes the stick.

Why are we doing this?

Here you get a chance to open up, ventilate emotions and share. In today's society, it is difficult to know if someone is really listening to you. Or it is difficult to say what you really feel with the fear that someone will react to exactly what you say. Here the goal is that there should be no distractions but everyone has 100 percent presence and listens without interruption. The conversation circle is a refuge for you and your emotions.


We love community and hanging out. But we care just as much about the important time with only yourself. During the quiet time you are not allowed to talk to each other. Instead, spend time with yourself. Lay down a hammock, take a yoga mat out into the woods, or take a canoe trip out on the lake. Or why not read a book?



Everyone over 18 years old.


  • You book by filling out the form below.

  • Your booking will be reserved as soon as you have paid the booking fee of SEK 1,000. This is paid via invoice from us. We want the remaining amount no later than 30 days before arrival and are also paid via invoice from us.

  • If booking is made within 30 days of arrival, the full amount will be paid immediately.

  • Once the payment of the booking fee has been made, you will receive a confirmation of your booking as well as more information about your upcoming adventure.


  • If canceled later than 5 weeks before arrival, the booking fee will not be refunded.

  • If canceled later than 14 days before arrival, No Connection will retain 100% of the value of the booking. Exceptions apply when presenting a medical certificate.


  • In accordance with the Swedish Package Travel Act, we have provided security with the responsible Swedish authority. Read more here.

  • The trip to and from Älvdalen is not included.

  • You are responsible for insurance as this is not something No Connection provides. Check with your insurance company which insurance is suitable.

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